Bruce Moody

Bruce Moody, Partner

Bruce Moody

Bruce Moody joined ISN in 2016 as a partner. With his extensive business background, Bruce is taking a leadership role in restructuring, financing, and business development.

Bruce Moody is credited as the foremost expert for Independent Pharmacy in Canada for his tenure within the industry, for his successful stewardship of the two largest Independent Pharmacy businesses in Canada, and for successfully launching the only new Independent Pharmacy business in Canada in the past twenty years.

Bruce is the founder, President, and C.E.O. of the Remedy’sRx Group, founded in 2006. The Group is based in Markham, Ontario with operational activity occurring in Ontario and Western Canada. A key area of focus for the Remedy’sRx Group is Specialty Care Pharmacy which provides specialized pharmacy services to over 15,000 residents in long term care facilities in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. In total, the company processes in excess of 5 million prescriptions annually.

Prior to starting Remedy’sRx Group, Mr. Moody most recently served as a senior executive at Katz Group Canada, where his roles included President of Drug Trading Company Limited and Vice President of Operations for PharmaPlus Drugmarts. Before this, he served as Chief Operating Officer for Pharmasave Drugs, headquartered in Langley, British Columbia. A seasoned retail executive, Mr. Moody has served within the retail pharmacy and food sectors in various capacities over his 30 year career.