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Risk Management – Threats and Risk of Violence

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Written by Jim Van Allen            
Risk Management

[Risk management and threat risk analysis is a tool used by police, corporations, and individuals that helps to protect themselves against threats and risks of violence. For our first blog post, we were very lucky to sit down with risk management expert Jim Van Allen who explains what Risk Management and why Risk Management is important. But first, here is a little bit more about Jim Van Allen.

Jim Van Allen is a Certified Profiler who has over 31 years of experience in law enforcement including 15 years as the manager of the OPP Criminal Profiling Unit. He recognizes and understands the factors that threaten personal and organizational security and can assist in dealing with personal safety challenges and/or provide a safe work environment for all. Jim currently works as a Threat and Risk Consultant for Investigative Solutions Network. For more information on Jim Van Allen please visit our website at]

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